With so many rising security threats, security experts are struggling to keep up. Especially in small businesses where the resources are limited, teams often find it hard to devote time to security strategies, and stuck with routined fixes. Though there are many IT solutions in Toronto that businesses can hire to ease the pressure, there are some issues that can be improved internally.

Research by security vendor FireMon shades more light on the matter. Find their article below:

Over-stretched IT security pros spend more time fire-fighting than doing meaningful security work

A study carried out by security management vendor FireMon at this month’s Infosecurity Europe in London has given brutally honest insight into the immense pressure cyber security professionals are under to carry out their jobs and meet outside regulations.  A staggering 28% admitted to compromising their ethics to pass audits, a figure that is up 6% from five years ago when the same question was posed in a similar survey.  This is likely due to growing network complexity and all of the disparate technology, security and otherwise, used to keep cyber criminals at bay.

When asked if they felt that they spend most of their day fire-fighting rather than doing meaningful security work, 51% of the IT security professionals surveyed agreed.  A further 56% admitted they had added a product purely to meet compliance regulations, even though they knew it offered no other business benefit.

“The purpose of this survey was to find out how IT security professionals were coping with the workload that is involved when it comes to managing network security and dealing with its growing complexity,” said Michael Callahan, CMO, FireMon.  “The results are a good reminder about the mounting pressures that are placed on IT security staff from inside as well as outside organisations. From protecting the organisation from data breaches and cybercrime to meeting regulatory compliance, such as the looming GDPR, while at the same time enabling the business – it is not an easy feat.”

When it comes to demands from the business side, 52% of IT security pros admitted to adding access that they know had decreased their organisation’s security posture.

“We hear from potential customers all the time that network complexity is growing and that is to do with the number of ‘solutions’ organisations are putting into place to try and solve the cyber security puzzle and meet business demands.  In reality, more technology is rarely the answer – instead, good management is the key,” Callahan explained.  “FireMon Security Manager reduces this complexity and brings together every aspect of the network such as policy and change management, regulatory compliance, risk related to access, security analytics and incident response.”

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