Anyone working in manage service and solution provider in Baltimore might be interested to learn that an IT consultant from the NYC region has outlined opportunities for business growth provided by cloud computing. This represents shift from desktops to clouds, and company’s cloud services being offered. It was discussed in a new article on the website of eMazzanti Technologies.

The article lists various features of cloud computing that are able to improve business growth. Some of those characteristics are remote/anywhere access, pay-as-you-go pricing, fast scalability, and new products/services. It is also explained how the company uses Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure in order to provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS0 as well as various other cloud services.

Jennifer Mazzanti is the president of eMazzanti Technologies. She said that cloud services that are managed make certain goals of companies of all sizes within reach. They include better agility, competitive, and scalability. She said that hybrid cloud, private cloud, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) help to make competition fairer between companies of all sizes.

Mark Crawford is the company’s Cloud Services Manager in Seattle. He said that the cloud is now fast and powerful enough that there’s a shift from desktops. It’s moving in the direction of desktop terminals that can access the computer power/data storage located in clouds. It’s a move from the mainframe to cloud.

Several tech giants such as Microsoft are making investments in the shift from mainframes to cloud. They’ve made big bets in the change. They’ve set up networks, data centers, and management frameworks. This will help to offer cloud computing on a big scale for companies of different sizes. The big investments show the big shift to cloud and how popular cloud services are. This shows that the cloud is transforming today’s computing.

Customers who want to use It resources located on the cloud, eMazzanti uses powerful app tools from Microsoft Azure in order to manage/deliver resources from the data centers of Microsoft. There are many deployment options for cloud. They include hybrid cloud, on-premises cloud, as well as disaster recovery.

eMazzanti’s cloud services are based on Microsoft Azure tech. This provides the best cloud security that’s available. Microsoft uses penetration testing, transparency of data security, and complex methods to make sure that the data of users is very secure.

eMazzanti recently expanded its offerings of cloud services due to the purchase of various business assets/personnel from a Microsoft partner that has remained unnamed. It will be working with the company’s strategic partners in order to offer cloud hosting/managed cloud services to clients, and the current customer base of the company.

Crawford noted that one of the main benefits of managed cloud services from the company is that it can deploy infrastructure in mere hours rather than months. He explained that hardware has become software. The cloud provides more flexibility for customers, which he described as “remarkable.”

Customers can be certain that eMazzanti’s history with cloud clients and high-performance services for cloud are built with Azure resources from Microsoft. It is often built through current software partners.