The city hall’s management system, Edmonton IT support services, and information technology will be serviced by O-Netrix Solutions Inc. from Williams Lake. The provider is expected to offer their services to the city hall moving forward and on a permanent basis.

After its election in the year 2014, the city hall has actually decided to eliminate all other position that used to be occupied by other firms. The move was made to help make it easier for the city hall to incur more savings along the way. In this case, they were able to successfully save about $4.5 million for the next five years. With this in mind, the move is indeed a very sound one.

One of the eight positions that the city hall has opted to eliminate out of the eight that it has decided to abolish is the manager for the office’s information and technology needs. Since the position has been eliminated, it has now been the job of O-Netrix, being contracted by the city, to get the work done, it is basically the entity that the city calls on whenever works that are similar to these need to be done.

During the meeting on Tuesday, which is a regular thing that the city council does, it has decided to award the company with a three-year contract that is worth $19, 200. This is averaged at $1, 600 per month. The contract also started that the numbers are going to have a five percent increase for the years 2017 and 2018.

According to William Wallace, the chief financial officer until the said position has been eliminated, the city was actually paying about $100, 000 in order for it to run its IT. As far as he can see the cost for the labor that they were spending is what is consuming a majority of the budget that they have set. This causes them to have very little amount available for the project. He has also noted how the overall infrastructure of the city has actually turned stale. This is why; steps have to be taken to ensure that they get these services turned over to more capable and more efficient hands. He has also made a confirmation that the city is indeed still working with a current budget of $100, 000. This is for their IT needs alone.

Worth noting is the fact that the city will hiver successfully transformed into a setting where it used to have appropriate labor but without any money to do the projects that they have to do in keeping the entire system modern and up to date into a system that will have adequate labor and appropriate amount of funds in order for them to get their hardware and their software rolled over efficiently. According to Wallace, it might take a total of about 5 years on order for them to get everything to be successfully back on track.

He added that they are currently at an awkward position due to how a majority of their servers see to be at the very end of their lives. He also added that it might take putting even more funds to their budget for IT for the next couple of years.