Workers in the IT services providers in Edmonton might be interested that Barracuda recently announced that the company’s Intronis MSP Solutions now includes Barracuda Essentials for Office 365. Intronis provides data protection/backup solutions for various managed service providers (MSPs). Essentials is a suite of various cloud services that combine various services including archiving, email security, and backup into one solution. Barracuda Essential helps its MSP partners in the task of delivering protection to its clients who use Office 365 environments against the major problem of data loss that results from email attacks that are targeted and recovery following an event of data loss.

Intronis as well as Barracuda Essentials for the Office 365 product provides help for MSP in protecting important data in various environments of Office 365.

Barracuda Essentials is now available to various MSPs located in the United States. Essentials for the Office 365 product delivers important multi-layer security, backup, and archiving, in order to help clients to migrate to, prepare for, and rely on the Office 365 product with more confidence. This packages improves Microsoft’s features that built in, with extra e-mail security as well as Advanced Threat Detection.

Rick Faulk is the general manager and vice president of MSP Solutions at the company Barracuda. HE stated that backup is an important aspect of protecting data. However, MSPs also should use an approach that’s much more holistic. They can do that by pro-actively safeguarding their clients against various types of targeted e-mail threats. They include ones such as phishing.

What are the benefits of adding the company’s Barracuda Essentials for Microsoft Office 365 as part of its MSP offerings? The company is giving its business partners another high-quality solution that allows them to safeguard their customers better from the issue of data loss. It also boosts efficiency, drops operating costs, and gives them the ability to center on their top priorities. They include improving their business and providing value to their customers.

In terms of MSP who want to provide clients with more layers of safety, Barracuda Essentials for Microsoft Office 365 can be paired with the other solutions for data protection that Intronis provides. Business partners can select the Intronis ECHOplatform, which has won awards. This allows service providers of IT to protect businesses’ physical/virtual data securely via a re-brandable console for central management. Another option is Barracuda Backup via the MSP Edition from Intronis. It’s a data protection tool that’s subscription based. The tool makes the service delivery known as business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) simpler. In addition, using the company’s pricing per account that’s fixed-fee, MSP can streamline their companies’ pricing strategy. They can also make their account management simpler.

Barracuda Essentials for Microsoft Office 365 includes the company’s Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) and E-mail Security Service. This provides a complete and affordable way for MSPs to safeguard their clients using the Washington-based cloud productivity suite vs. a wide range of e-mail based attacks including malware, phishing, spam, and zero day vulnerabilities. This is certainly a major benefit.