About us


With the world of technology always on the change, the best source of the news that keeps every enthusiast and student on the forefront is what we have turned out to be. We have been working on the goal of being the first website that readers come to when their peers announce rumours of new technology. Recently we have seen a lot of new readers coming onto the platform and subscribing to our daily news updates, going on to stay for as long as more than half a work day!

During the hours that readers are active on our content platform, we are always looking to engage with them through the various social media platforms we post updates on and also respond to their requirements passed in through the contact forms.

Though we are young, compared to the industry we serve, the maturity we hold when celebrating each new visitor to the platform and serving them up with the content to get them up to date with the rest of the world, if not ahead.

The technology we write about is not just theory in our case, we are always using new tools to get deeper knowledge to share with the readers.